PBA Project Board Remains Available to Connect Attorneys with Law Students for Limit-Time Legal Support

PA Bar Association logoWhen the July 2020 Pennsylvania Bar Exam was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pennsylvania Bar Association COVID-19 Task Force worked to find a solution to assist law students who were falling behind in the process of getting their license to practice and then find gainful employment as a licensed attorney. The creation of the PBA Project Board is the result of these efforts.

This new program was developed to help match recent law school graduates with members of the PBA who are in need of limited-time legal support while awaiting the opportunity to take the bar examination. Although the bar exam was held, the PBA Project Board is still active and the Pennsylvania Bar Association continues to urge its members to post temporary jobs for recent law school graduates.

The platform is a perfect fit to assisting attorneys in handling pro bono cases that are not within their regular areas of practice. Law students and recent graduates can be used to research unfamiliar areas of the law to facilitate the representation of indigent clients, while minimizing the learning curve time devoted to the handling of the cases for volunteers.

PBA Members can post assignments/projects and new graduates can apply for them within this platform. Posting assignments or projects is free, as it applying to work on a project.

The program will allow recent law graduates to gain experience and some income while engaging in short- and long-term professional assignments. It also benefits PBA member attorneys by providing limited-time legal support for specific projects when they may not be in a position to hire staff during this time.

Information and a link to the PBA Project Board is posted on the Pennsylvania Bar Association website homepage at  The PBA Project Board can be accessed directly at

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