Immigration Court Online Resource (ICOR) and Pro Bono Portal Launched by DOJ to Increase Information and Representation

The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), an office of the Department of Justice,  has announced the launch of two new public resources that increase access to information about immigration law and EOIR proceedings. The Immigration Court Online Resource (ICOR) and the Pro Bono Portal also provide information about representation before EOIR’s immigration courts and Board of Immigration Appeals that benefits both aliens in proceedings and those representing such respondents.

“EOIR is committed to providing helpful and accurate information to all parties before our immigration courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals,” said EOIR Director James McHenry. “ICOR expands our Immigration Court Helpdesk program, providing useful information to parties regarding immigration proceedings. Further, the Pro Bono Portal makes information about free legal representation more accessible to attorneys and aliens.”

ICOR is a web-based tool that provides respondents, appellants, and representatives, and other interested parties, with a centralized location for resources pertaining to immigration proceedings before EOIR. As an expansion of the Immigration Court Helpdesk program available in five immigration courts, ICOR provides similar information – every day and at all hours – to anyone with access to the Internet. This information helps users better prepare for immigration proceedings, legal representation in such proceedings, and practice before EOIR’s adjudicators. ICOR also includes a tool that respondents can use to access general information about the forms of relief from removal or protection for which they may be able to apply. This mobile-friendly web resource is available in English and Spanish.

The Pro Bono Portal allows non-profit organizations, referral services, and private attorneys to initiate, manage, and renew their applications to be included on the EOIR List of Pro Bono Legal Service Providers. Individuals and entities can still apply by mailing a completed EOIR-56 form to the list administrator at EOIR Headquarters, but the Portal will provide a more convenient and efficient application process.

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