Chief Justice Baer Encourages PA Attorneys to Support Legal Aid and Provide Pro Bono Service

Max Baer, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, directed a letter to attorneys across Pennsylvania, joining with new Pennsylvania Bar Association President Jay Silberblatt, in celebrating the rich tradition of Pennsylvania lawyers in supporting legal aid and pro bono service for the neediest among us.

The Chief Justice stated that promoting legal aid and pro bono legal services has been a major emphasis of his time on the Court and noted that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court supports civil legal aid in a variety of ways.

He recognized that it is the volunteer efforts, whether in direct representation of clients or through further financial support of legal aid, that most greatly impact those in need,  and encouraged attorneys to examine Pennsylvania Free Legal Answers,, and, websites promoted by the PA Bar Association and the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network, to see what resources are available to those in need and what opportunities exist for pro bono service.

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